what we've really been up to.

best picture ever, right?
starving after the wedding:)

well, after nate and i got married, as you can imagine, we went on a honeymoon. we went to florida! i loved it. it was colder than it should have been, but it was super fun. we went to universal studios and went to the best beaches in america. here are some highlights:
siesta key--the most beautiful sand.. eva
nate got to go to buffalo wild wings... where his cronies (he wishes)  dan patrick and the danettes hang out
and i happened to be followed by everything chuck bass! his hotel is even in florida!
it was so much fun and i am so sad it's over.

now... we are both back in school. nate is in his last semester and (hopefully) he graduates! i still have like 34 years of school left... grr. we are living in my aunt amy's basement and there's a 35 minute commute... which is not great. we carpool, but it's kind of a pain in my arse. it's been an adjustment to be married. it seems like once you get married, none of your friends want to even hang out. it's weird, but i know being married is much more important than friends. i guess we will just have to make friends with other married people... gross. kidding, of course. we've been watching the oc... it's awesome. that's one thing i love about being married... watching tv series. doesn't it seem like all marrieds do that? ha. nate is hoping to find a full time job soon and when he does, we will get our own place. i'm really excited to be an "official" married couple and have a place to call our own. til then, i am so grateful for my aunt and uncle's help. nate's SIL... well i guess she's mine, too, had her baby last week. she is so cute. i usually think newborns are ugly, but she is the dang cutest thing i've ever seen. having nieces and nephews is so much fun and i'm so excited for nate that he gets to experience this.

i am definitely a different person since i got married. i am more conscious of others' feelings and i am more supportive of those i love. i am still in love with chuck bass and blair waldorf... don't you worry.
my wedding was such a ball. i watch the videos and i just want to cry because i want to relive that day over and over again.

although marriage is an adjustment, i really do love it. sometimes i get sad when i see my single friends doing things, but then i realize what's important and i am so glad i have that with nate. ew. i am so cheesy.

as far as music goes, i have been enjoying gotye, young the giant, and lana del rey lately. nate hates lana. hates. maybe it's because i play her 100x a day. but i do that with every song i love. so he is just going to have to get used to it.
that's all for now!

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Mike and Kristin said...

So happy that you are happy! We can be your married friends!! Please?? Well, but we will have a kid soon does that disqualify us? I sure hope not...