you all know (or should... if you didn't, now you do) that i HATE my hairline. hate hate hate. so much. it's like a super weird widow's peak. all i want to do is be able to pull my hair back in a (no part) ponytail without looking like a freaking weirdo (my chubby cheeks do not help this--pulled back hair=fatter looking face.). but... it helps when i find celebs with my same hairline and helps me to know i'm not a freak!

blake lively! this is exactly how my hairline is. even my favorite celebs have the weirdness

kourtney kardashian.. who cares, right?

ahhhh.. my girl! an inspiration

sandra bullock.. rocking it.
ha ha ha i had to
this is so dumb that i'm posting about this. but really. I HATE MY HAIR LINE.

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