school. and other useless information

hi, friends. hasn't been that long since we last met, but some cool things have happened. well. kind of cool things. you can decide. sooo... this past summer was super fun. in case you couldn't tell. i did really cool things. i went sky diving, went to new york, went to vegas and st george, got a kindle, went to 311/sublime, went to sugarland/sara b., saw my nephew get baptized, hung out with my boyfran, and did all the other fun things you can do in the summertime. oh i went to the pool a lot, too. that was fun. probably one of the greater summers of my life. did i mention i spent waaaay too much money? well. i did. but guess what? i'm about to spend a shiz ton more with school and all. either me or the government. either way. anyways. so I just wanted to tell you all this amazing thing my brother in law said. i was talking about my classes to him... my abnormal psychology class. and i was telling him about all the unnecessary stories people share. well, he was agreeing with me and here's what he said:
"Oooh pick me pick me! My brother used to strangle himself while he masturbated because he thought it made him feel like Papa Smurf!"
And that sums up pretty much the awesomeness of my family. that's all i wanted to post about. because i'm not feeling deep or sad or anything.
but i guess i could go on about how annoying it is when people raise their hands every five seconds in class. because it is. so. annoying. shut the freak up. no one cares about what you're thinking. especially when it has NOTHING to do with what the class is talking about. 


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