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Hi, friends. So most of you know that I have become obsessed with reading lately. And guess what it is that I love reading? You'll never guess so I'll just tell you.. Yep. Sci-Fi. What a freaking nerd. When I say Sci-Fi, no I do not mean Twilight.Twilight is stupid. Stoo.pid. I mean books like The Hunger Games, Switched, and the most recent, "The Uglies" series. You should definitely check it out. It's pretty freaking amazing. I would almost say that it's better than my troll books (Switched), but it isn't. I've been wanting to read this series for quite some time.. probably since the ninth grade. But I never got around to it. I'm reading it now and it was a good choice. It kind of starts off slow, but it picks up and when it does, it really picks up. I get so freakishly absorbed in these types of books that I feel like I belong in them. It's pathetic, I know. Whatever. Better to take up my time reading than freaking blogging or facebooking. Blogs are soooo boring now. So is facebook. I want someone to say something so awesome that it pisses at least 10 people off. I will kiss their feet if they do. But until then, The Uglies is calling my name.
buh bye.

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Whittney and Ryan said...

I LOVE the Uglies and the Hunger Games! I need to check out that other one!