my gossip girl experience

Okay, okay. We all know about my obsession with GG. Well... I went to NYC solely to find Chuck Bass.. (Not really. I went because I wanted to live my dream. And live it, I did!) Nate thinks this is annoying that I'm so weirdly obsessed enough to post about it, but this isn't for any of you GG haters! It's for my GG lovers like Whittney. I already posted these pictures on FB but this is more of a journal so I HAD to do both. I was so blissfully happy on the GG tour. But, I was also a bit disappointed to find out some of the secrets. I'll share if you'd like.. yes? Cool. Well shots like Blair's Penthouse (scroll down) aren't actually shot in those buildings. They are shot in the studio in Queens! QUEENS! I had no idea! Made me a little sad, but either way, I walked turf where my favorite people have walked!

People will ask me what the most exciting part about my trip was and I can't really pin point it. Minus the whole 100 degree extremely humid weather, it was amazing. I loved everything we did. I loved the idea of being whoever I wanted to be for just a week. And I was exactly what I wanted to be. I felt really cool in NYC. No, you think I'm joking, but I'm dead serious.

New York is a whole new world! Everything looked just as it does on TV, but it FELT completely different. When you watch TV and see these things, you feel like it's so far off. When you get there it's kind of like you're in a dream. An awesome one. Not the kind of dream you are thinking of creeps! Anyways, it's amazing. I think everyone should go there. I was seriously depressed after the GG tour. I just wanted to live their lives! Is that ridiculous? You know when guys get all bummed and ornery after their favorite sports team loses? That's how I felt. Anyways, I'm tired of babbling about this because it is making me even more sad and it's making me look even more pathetic. I'm only posting the pictures of me from Gossip Girl sites. Enjoy fellow bloggers!
Where Chuck was about to propose to Blair. Until Dorota had to go into labor .

Chuck's hotel:)

Eating Macaroons just like Blair when she is trying to get over Chuck 
Henri Bendel! Serena and Blair's (and now my) favorite place to shop

The lady at the store told me that Blair wore this on the show... I couldn't find it though.

Gossip Girl history! Right where Chuck first told Blair he loves her!

Nate's house

Lunch on the Met steps.. living vicariously through GG girls

Blair's outside shot of her penthouse

Bi's dumping yogurt on Blair's head.

Nate tries to fight chuck here... pins him up against a car because he finds out that C took B's V card.
"I took from her what she kept throwing at you and you kept turning it down!"-Chuck to Nate

The Van Der Woodsen home

I just love it. But it also makes me so sad.
How pathetic am I?


JocandCam527 said...

ZERO PATHETIC!!! You are fantastic for doing this... ever fiber in my being is jealous right now!

Whittney and Ryan said...

This is the best blog post in the history of blogger!!!! I would be crushed too, i mean you were practically Blair for a week and the had to return to Utah... really QUEENS?!?! LOVE THIS POST!