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Okay, okay so maybe it's me having the identity crisis. Have any of you ever read "Switched"? I'm beginning to think I am a troll. Yep, a freaking troll.
It's a lot like Twilight, but more sarcastic, less cheesy, and better written. You should read it. definitely.

Why do I say I'm the one with the identity crisis? No, I don't really think I am a troll. But I'm as mean as one. And my hair is as unruly and frizzy as one's. Although I do an excellent job at taming it.

I say this because I mostly change my mind about everything at least three times a day. And I get mad over stupid things. And I question a lot. And sometimes questions are bad. Sometimes they are good. But they are mostly bad because MY questions are mostly insecurities.

If I don't die from being insecure, I better die from something awesome. Like Herpes. Or a bank hold up and I jump in front of someone who is about to be shot. That would be a cool funeral to attend.
No, I do not wish to die. Nor do I wish to ever be involved in a bank hold up. Nor do I wish to ever have Herpes... any type. What I'm saying is is that sometimes my insecurities almost kill me. I get anxiety and I stress and I worry so much that I have to make sure I force myself to breathe. Crazy? I know. But this only happens sometimes and only with certain things and only with certain people.
Of course, I'm a girl and I'm insecure about the girl things. My body. My eyebrows. My teeth. My eyelashes. (NO. I will NEVER get eyelash extensions no matter how bad I hate mine.) But sometimes there are deeper insecurities. But like you want to sit and read about my insecurities. Whatever, screw you.
(See, I could totally be a troll! A mean, evil troll! Muahhahhaha!)

I just want you all to know that there is no point to this post. None at all. Maybe it's to tell you to read a good book .Maybe it's to tell you that I'm insecure. (I think I've done that before.) Maybe it's to tell you I'm a troll. Or maybe it's to tell you I secretly wish to rob a bank one day.
Maybe it's because I'm bored (that's the reason for most of my posts).
Yep, that's probably it.
Happy Thursday and weekend.
I'm going to go listen to the Jehovah's Witnesses Convention. And wish them all a Happy 4th of July!

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Mike and Kristin said...

I like your blog. Update it once in awhile.

:) love you!