What I love lately. Or who I love lately.

Yes, mustaches and all

The Killers!
I haven't listened to them (REALLY listened to them) in awhile and I heard them in Buckle today and it rekindled my love for them.
I don't know what song I heard and I'm desperately trying to find it! Frustration squiggle! 
Tranquilize ft Lou Reed is amazing. Reminds me of a trip to AZ with my dad. You should definitely listen to it. Seriously though, their last album was released in 2008. It's 2011. Ridiculous. 
He has one of those voices that no matter where you are, you know it's him.
PS I think I found that song. I think it's called Boots. Of course it would be sappy and slow haha. 

Take a listen, friends. 

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