Two posts in one week... I am a true blogger!
DISCLAIMER: This post is mostly going to be ranting. So if you hate ranting, leave. LEAVE.

Let's begin by naming a few things that suck about Boise:
1. I do not have a job. I feel like I never will have a job. (Yes, I know I have to actually APPLY and they won't just come to me... and I do apply. Jerks.)
2. EVERY dentist office is closed on Friday's (Or July 20th... is there some holiday today that I don't know about? The Rodeo?). I have dental issues, people. I have a tooth that is turning gray!
3. Everyone cuts everyone off. So much rage. Idaho people do not know how to drive. Not that I'm one to talk with my driving record. Shut up.
4. There are so many Coexist bumper stickers here I want to rip my hair out. Actually, there are so many bumper stickers here.
Here are a few I have seen:
"My cat received 'Cat of the Month' award from her doctor!" NO ONE LIKES YOUR CAT!
"New Orleans: We put the fun in funeral" That's not really fair to Boise, but that person lives in Boise. So yeah, it is fair.
5. Blue and orange. Everywhere.
6. There are so many racist people here. It's weird.
7. There is no good live music here. Hardly ever. The best so far is on Oct. 1st (AWOLNATION). Of course, I'm attending.
8. I feel like there should be two more things that suck just because 10 is a good number for things that suck. And lists should always be lists of 10. Usually.
9. Boise sucks because I can't think of another reason.
10. Suck. It's 3:40 and I still haven't showered.

I have come to terms (I think) with the fact that some people cannot be reasoned with. Ever. It is impossible. And I get disappointed every time I try to have an adult discussion with these people. And I keep setting myself up for failure. Some people are just mean. And I like nice people. I like mean people too, but people who are funny mean. Not real life mean. Not serious mean.

It's okay if I stand up for myself, people. Even if what I say comes off as "harsh," one can only hold his or her tongue for so long. I refuse to be a doormat. Ever. I know all of you are thinking, "turn the other cheek, Amy", and "do what Jesus would do: love them." Gosssssh sometimes I don't want to turn the other cheek! It can be very unhealthy to hold in so much rage.

I feel like I try really hard to be a nice person and do the right thing. If I ever share my opinion and it seems "mean," it is usually to help someone or show someone that I care (or, of course, to stand up for myself). But WHY DOES IT ALWAYS GET MISREAD? WHY? Is there really something wrong with me here, cyber people? We are on the internet; I won't know who you are. You can tell me.

I want to rant more, I do. But I feel like the internet is the worst place to air dirty laundry. I want to. So bad. I am literally forcing myself from not using many swears and calling people out.
Forcing myself now to press "publish" instead of keeping this rant going until I get myself in trouble


Anna Laura said...

haha this post makes me miss you. l'm sorry you hate boise so much!

Libby Carter said...

You are spectacular. As much as you hate boise, it says a lot about you when you stand by nate and that ugly state like you do. Rumor has it that living away from family makes you depend on and love your spouse more!