Not a rant

Okay... so... Boise ain't so bad.
Since I was sooo negative... here are something I like (love) about Boise.
1. Car registration is cheaper. Much, much cheaper. Like $35 vs. the $120 in Utah. Plus I don't have to do safety/emissions.. so.. beat that.
2. Car/renter's insurance is cheaper. Beat that, Sofa. (ha ha ha)
3. It really is beautiful here. Really.
4. Tango's! Our favorite empanada place!
5. All the free time I have (love/hate).
6. Houses are CHEAP! And once I get a job, oh man... I can't wait.
7. We are drama free up in here. Nate and I have so much fun together. Even if we just sit home. Usually we will drive around... because we get bored... and those always end up being the funnest times. I even have learned to like what he likes (not ALL sports.. just The Cubs and golf).
8. Our ward is awesome and they do awesome fun activities like boating/camping and floating the river and Frisbee golf. (What even is that? I would never play that. It sounds intensely scary. And I hate fear.)
9. A person down the street from us stabbed another person. To some, this may seem like a bad thing, but to me, it makes me feel right at home (Ogden=danger zone).
10. My mom sends me presents. (favorite child)

Well there's ten things. I know I love more things.. but I can't think of anything right now. GUESS WHAT GUYS I GOT UP WAYYYY BEFORE 11:00 TODAY! I'm really tired, but I have a feeling it will be a good day.
I have been working on redoing our bedroom furniture.(Which I will blog about when I am ALL done. (not that any of you care or not that any of you haven't seen 1000 craft blogs.. shoot me for it.)) So far, so good. I am an amateur at best, so the pictures will look better than they actually are. I have been sooo pinteresty lately! It's almost annoying. But I'm doing all the crafts I have wanted to do ever since pinterest... now that I have all this free time.

Really guys, Boise rocks. Although it is a bit depressing when my niece calls me crying because she misses me. (Real tears, people, real tears.) (Like you thought I could have an entire post without something depressing/negative in it... you must not know me very well, cyber world.)
I love N8 and I love being here with him. I would not want to be here with anyone else.


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Priscilla said...

Thanks for the heads up in the title. Boise seems to be changing you woman! At least you did include that last depressing paragraph so we know you still have it in you.

Take care.