Okay so my blog has been uber (I hate uber) positive lately so I decided I need to balance it out with some things I absolutely hate. Plus I'm extremely bored so this is my escape. Enjoy.

1. People who type like dumb asses.
    Examples: hEy hOw aRe u? 
                   wut r u doing 2day
                   ;;, &&, :p
                   etc etc etc 
2. Text slang.
    Examples: LOL, LMAO, ROTFLMAO, G2G
3. People who pretend to care. People who pretend at all.
4. People who don't appreciate good music. Or those who don't appreciate music at all. 
5. Some bastard that took my debit card info and purchased groceries in SPAIN.
6. Allergies. 
7. Hashtags on Facebook
8. Couples in church who are all over each other. Seriously? It's one thing to do it in public... but in CHURCH is another story. Get a room.
9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: know the difference between (especially when you are talking about something controversial):
    you're and your
    further and farther (recently developed thanks to Travis Price)
    there, their, and they're
    then and than
    too, to, and two
    etc etc etc
10. Fashion bloggers who dress hideous. Actually, I like them. They make me laugh.
11. The damn rain/the damn weather updates on Facebook
12. Texas Roadhouse.
13. Words With Friends
14. Pretty much everything that everyone posts on Facebook.
15. People's shitty engagements and wedding pictures
16. Freaking people's testimonies. There are few that really make a difference. Don't start off your testimony telling a joke that is NOT funny. Don't start it off with a joke at all. Don't start it off with some cliche analogy either. Testimony meeting is bad enough. But testimony meeting at a single's ward where everyone gets up once in relief society and once in sacrament meeting is pushing it.
17. Damn duvet covers from Ikea
18. Common Cents for charging me the same price for a CUP of ice as they do a soda. Then spilling my drink with that ice all over my desk.
19. Waking up early. Waking up at all. I am feeling like I need to sleep 24/7 lately.
20. Trying to come up with 20 things I hate right now.

This week is going to be a long one. Yes, I said it. Ass holes.

Christina Perri's new album came out today. LOVE. So that's one good thing, I guess. 

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This is AMAZING!!!!