new music

I've been doing what I love most lately--and that's: finding new music (may be old to some of you). 
I have grown extremely fond of the following artists:

  • The Avett Brothers (I and Love and You)
  • JayMay (Autumn Fallin')
  • April Smith (Great Picture Show)
  • The Decemberists (Hazards of Love...(will explain this album))
  • Bon Iver (For Emma.. Forever Ago--( my love for him just bloomed again))
  • Taylor Swift (Speak Now (Don't mock))
  • Christina Perri (The Ocean Way Session (she doesn't have an actual album.. yet.))
  • Ingrid Michaelson (Girls and Boys)

That's mostly it for now.
I'm dying here- there are so many good artists! I love Pandora for introducing me to a couple of these.

Now for The Decemberists album, "Hazards of Love." 
Read all about it here. These guys do a better job of explaining it than I could ever do.
They are nuts! But so awesome. I love it. Their lyrics are so deep and so powerful I can't even grip onto them most of the time.

The Avett brothers... WOW! There are quite a few band members, but a few of them are brothers. They are great. Really powerful and really touching. 
I recommend any or all of these albums to anyone! Give them a shot, tell me what you think.

Another thing, my mom has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. No, I don't want you to ask how I am because I am FINE. Ask how she is. But anyways, that's not what this is about. So my mom has Breast Cancer, and the other night I kinda got a little bruise on my heart by a boy (ha! Imagine that). Well I've been pretty down this week and and I went to the mall today at lunch to finish up some Christmas shopping. I was going to stop at Chick-Fil-A on my way out to get a parfait and a Cherry Coke. I saw my friend from Roadhouse working and said hi to him. Well when the girl rang me up, she just said, "K we will have it right out to you." My friend from Roadhouse bought my food. Just when I think thing only get shittier, someone does something like that and it changes my attitude all the way. I know it was stupid, and I know it was little, but it made my week. Don't think twice when you have opportunities to make someone's week.

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