Day 29:
Your favorite memory:
Bah! So many.. but I'll tell one just to be cheesy
One time, my WHOLE family went to Nauvoo.. it was the most amazing experience ever. (That's not the memory).
My grandma took me on a walk through the Women's Garden. If you haven't been there, I suggest you go. Now.
It's just a bunch of statues of women at different stages in their lives.
Well, I LOVED it. I was only 12 when we went, but I LOVED IT. I don't know if I have ever felt The Spirit so strongly in my life as I did in that garden.
I found out later that they make those statues in mini form and I really wanted one but they were $400.00:(
Far too much money for a 12 year old to spend. Or earn.
So after I had kind of forgotten about it, the family Christmas party rolled around the next December.
All I got from my grandma was a tiny box. Now, before you think about how snotty I sound, grandma always makes sure each grandchild has at least two gifts... and big ones. I was disappointed, but when I went to open it, there was a piece of paper in there with a smile on it and said, "If you want your REAL present, come give grandpa and me a hug."
Of course I abided. (I know that's incorrect, but watch Unforgivable 2 on YouTube and you'll understand).
Turns out, grandma got me a mini statue from the Women's Garden titled "Young Woman."
I seriously cried. It was the greatest gift I had ever gotten.
I will always remember that Christmas. My grandma and grandpa are such great people.
And I'm super spoiled:)

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