oops:) a little behind
Day 28:
what do you predict about your future?
Um... I swear this question was asked before, but I'll give it a shot.
One day, ONE day, I will graduate.
that's about as far as it goes. ha:)

Day 27:
list your goals
I don't really like making goals cause I get PISSED when I don't achieve them. But for today, my goals are to get my Micro done and an English paper done. we'll see how that goes!

Day 26:
a habit you wish you didn't have
Oh my heck. I hate, hate, HATE that I bounce my leg and bite my cheeks and twirl my hair. I only do those things when I'm nervous or uncomfortable. (Except for twirling my hair-I always do that.) It's so weird

Day 25:
your first love
Really though..
I don't know that one.
so I guess that means I haven't had one yet?
I dunno.
There are different levels of love.
I think my first "true" (so dumb) love should be my last.
K I can't do that cheesy crap.

So.. there's this song I'm obsessed with lately:
Basket Case by Sara Bareilles.
"I've been saving your place, but what good does it do?"
Seriously though, check it out.

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