Last. Day.

Day 30:
A picture of you from last year and how you've changed since
Last year (2009)
This year (2010)
Hmm.. How have I changed since you ask? I feel like I have more confidence now. I feel like I have a better idea of who I am. Obviously my hair changed and I'm not AS white ha. But it's coming back, trust me. I'm pasty. I definitely have stopped caring (as much) about what EVERYONE thinks and only care what the important people think. I am single. I am happier than I was this time last year. I don't try to please everyone anymore. I'm my own person. I've found new friends and I love all of them! I have it really great. I'm in a good place:)

I'm so glad this damn thing is over. Ahh haha.

"I remember you did in the sugar and spices, and sin
I couldn’t believe the place you were putting us in
But I listen to you, and your voice takes me out of my skin"

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