Day 18.

Bitch.. you got siblings... and I DON'T LIKE IT.
The only reason I picked this one is because it shows our personalities and it has all of us in it for once ha.

Chad (next to me):
He is the oldest. He has one son named Hunter and that kid is cute! Chad has been through a lot, but he is still a good guy. He has a really big heart and him and I definitely share an appreciation for the same music. 
Katie (the only girl with her tongue in her mouth):
Oh, where do I begin? I love this woman. She is so great. We get along so well and are so much alike--especially lately. I don't know what I would do without her. She is like a mom to me and anytime I need advice, I go to her. She is wise beyond her years. She has also been through a lot. She sometimes feels the responsibility to help all of her siblings and fix us all, but she doesn't need to (although she does a great job at it). Katie is definitely one of my best friends.
Mandi (next to Chad):
Mandi is great. She has a huge heart and puts up with a lot of people's crap. We aren't that close, but I still love her. She is very kind and very caring about EVERYONE'S feelings. She is really great and always fun and always willing to help out.
Angie (the really blond one):
Angie, oh Angie. I love her. I am probably closest with her and Katie. Angie has SUCH a big heart. She rarely says anything bad about ANYONE and she is always worried about other's feelings. Angie is one of the most Christ-like people I know. I lived with her for a summer and I miss it so much. It was so fun. Angie is a rock. Although sensitive, she can be put through anything and still come out of it with her glass half full. I love Ang and I know I can go to her for anything.
Mitch (the other dude that's not my dad):
Mitch is also awesome! He is my big brother and he says some weird crap but I love him. He is SUPER smart and probably the only one of us who reads his scriptures regularly. Mitch is cool because we can get in a fight and 2 minutes later he is my best friend. I like Mitch. He brings peace to all the drama in our family.

I love my family. As I'm sure all of you know seeing how I post about them like 8 times a day.

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