Music is my boyfriend

I just wanted to share with you all my LOVE for music...
dang, lately, it's all I can think about!
More than school (which has started, ending my life)
More than work
More than just about anything.
I'll share here some of my current favorites:)

Jarrod Gorbel: Devil's Made a New Friend, Ten Years Older EP
The Honorary Title: Scream and Light up the Sky, Anything but the Truth
She & Him: Volume 1 and 2
Eminem: Recovery--Especially: The Way You Lie, 25 to Life, No Love, Not Afraid
Paramore: All I Wanted Was You (the song)
Kate Nash: My Best Friend is You
Radiohead: Kid A
Tom McRae: King of Cards
Rocky Votolato: The Brag & Cuss
Bright Eyes: Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, Fevers and Mirrors, I'm Wide Awake and it's Morning
Those are just a few. And if you haven't heard of any of them, you should for sure check them out!
Especially Jarrod Gorbel... he is amazing.
He is also coming to Utah on October 16th
As is Kate Nash (November 5th)
And Sara Bareilles (November 17th)

I have a lot of good shows to look forward to!
OH and I went to She & Him. It was awesome, but it was at Pioneer Park so I'm sure you know how that is! Nonetheless, I was not disappointed in the performance.

Can't wait for October 16th!

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