Oh a life in the day of... oh wait. Crap.

Hey guys, it's me, Amy and I just want to tell you how wonderful life has been for me! I love my family, they are the greatest. They save my life everyday. Like right now, Travisk is fixing my windshield wipers..oops sorry dad! But he really is great. I would die without my wonderful family! My sisters Katie and Angie are pretty much my best friends! They love me no matter what :). Mitch is a wonderful example. I think he can be weird, but he is an Evans. Christmas just passed and it was fabulous. I just hung out with my family... which is all I do now. Now it's a new year, and I have new resolutions that I plan on keeping :). They're all good ones! But, I just wanted to get this whole blog thing started. I will be on it as much as I am my Myspace and Facebook... Facespace? Mybook? Either or. Life is wonderful :) La.vie.boheme.

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