april was a pretty good, busy month. i really haven't had anything important to say on here and when i think i do, i end up erasing it. so for the time being i'm just going to update my life on a month to month basis until i have something important to say. here goes!
Easter with my family

Nate got all his favorite sweets and I got a coupon binder, floss n toss, and all my favorite sweets.

our niece, Audrey was blessed on Easter. So cute.

young the giant + grouplove with my dad and brother. old men. awesome concert.

dear nathan graduated from college! how relieved i am!

the golf cake i made nate for his graduation. 

spent a couple weekends with these kiddos

lovin them

found this beauty (TV stand) at the DI for $30. What's up! (Don't make fun of my poor attempt at decorating.)

girls trip to PC with jacee, ang, and katie.

we wanted to look hip and trendy so this was the result.
happy may everyone! hope this summer is the best. i am so happy to not have school. yessssssss

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