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Hi. I'm............
Yes. I will post about it because I'm one of those annoying people. Ah! I am so excited. But I am also so stressed. I just want it all done!
Well, the big day is December 30th in the Logan temple. Yes, I know it's close to Christmas and probably very inconvenient. But guess what? I don't care. Why? Because it's about me and him. Not you. :)
So anyways.. I'm sure what you want to hear is how he did it.
Fine. I'll tell you.
We were going to Daybreak on September 24th to hang out with my awesome brother in law and sister. As we drove to their house, we passed Oquirh Lake. I told Nate that I wanted to go on the canoes there. So we decided we would do it after church. (It's free people.... calm down.) So on Sunday, after church, we went to get a canoe and they were closed. So we just decided to walk around the lake to the park where my sister and BIL were. We went up on this island type grassy type hill and laid in the sun. It was really a pretty day, but kind of hot. Anyways... we were just laying there chit chatting and then:
N: You ready to go?
A: Yes (I get up)
N: Help me up. (He gets on one knee.. although it looked like he was on two so I didn't think anything of it.)
N: Will you marry me?
A: Is this for real?
N: No... I'm just kidding!
A: You are such a jerk! (I go to leave... he pulls me back in... and there's the ring!)
N: Will you marry me?
(The reason he said just kidding is because he couldn't get the ring out of his pocket. Dumb.)
So that's it. Then we hugged. And kissed. (Gross, I know.)
And we couldn't stop smiling.
Anyways.... Don't ask to see my ring because I'm having it designed so I'm wearing a fake one from Wal Mart. $8.88. High class.
There you go.
I'm so excited!
Shut up. I know we are matching. Isn't it cute?

Showing off my bling

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Emily Dickson said...

I am soooo excited for you two! And I like the "just kidding" .. it's very "Nate" haha. Congrats!