hilarious is what my life is.

Isn't that just an awesome word? Hilarious. I say pretty much everything is hilarious. But finding humor in everything is good, right?

All I ever like to do is make fun of people. Is that awful? Everyone knows that I am full of rage (most days) and that I often open my mouth when, indeed, it should stay shut. But if people wouldn't do things that I would have such a good time making fun of them for, I wouldn't make fun of them! Lately I have been overly obsessed with reading blogs that are as mean and hateful as I am. Or blogs that directly make fun of other people (I am not ballsy enough to do that). Or blogs that make fun of other blogs. Or just blogs that make fun of anything, really.
But what I'm really obsessed with lately... the one that tops them all... ready?
I just looooooooove it. Don't you? I love when people are daring enough to say what everyone else is thinking but too scared to say it. The blog I'm mostly referring to is Mormon Child Bride. I love this woman, whoever she is. My favorite part of the whole blog? (On the sidebar)
"I'm either a complete apostate Mormon, or I'm just saying what we're all thinking."
She is wonderful. I love that she mocks The Bachelorette. I freaking hate The Bachelor/ette and everything that it entails. It makes me rage inside. How can I hate that but absolutely loooooove Flavor of Love?
I miss it. Makes my heart hurt.
I don't know how I got off on that tangent, but this post is pretty much pointless.

Something else that is hilarious?
Me taking dance classes. I am AW.FUL. I wanted to do something to get me into shape a little bit, but I HATE working out. So I chose an intermediate Jazz class. Mistake. I'm so bad I can't even stand it. Worse? A girl I went to high school with teaches it. How embarrassing. Oh well, I have fun doing it. But it's probably mostly hilarious to watch. I bet I'm one of those people on So You Think You Can Dance that the judges are appalled by. Yep. That's me. SUPER LOL.
Like this girl. Okay, maybe not that bad... but did anyone watch her? Freaking awesome.
"I believe everyone has a twin in life and I think mine is Lady GaGa." Forget the ish about her dad being Ringo Star... that Lady GaGa quote was hilarious!

Joe Strand HATES "This One's For The Girls" by Martina McBride. So freaking hilarious that someone's ringtone just went off with that song while he was standing up here.

Not so hilarious?
My sunburn. I have never been this sunburnt in my life. I'm in so much pain. It's hard for me to wear a bra. I guess that's a good excuse not to wear one. Okay, I guess it can be funny that I have a sunburn. F word.

Aaaaand for the end of my hilarious post...... I leave you with this:

Thanks to Melanie with Mattering Moments Photography for this amazing picture. Oh and thanks to Travis for being able to jump like a black man. Oh and Bowen for being so damn cute.

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