crazy. I know.

So it hasn't been that long since I blogged, but quite a bit has happened.
I'll start with the simple stuff:
Carissa and I dressed up like washed up hookers...
I had a birthday dinner with the boy I really like...
I jumped out of a plane on June 7th, 2011...

Things that don't have pictures:
We had my mom's fundraiser! AWESOME! It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. So many people gathered together to show how much they love my mom. After all the hard work and stress and drama, it was a very, very happy day.
Carissa threw me a surprise birthday party (my first ever). It was really great because that entire day I was pissed about EVERYTHING but when I walked into Angie's house to everyone PLANKING, it made everything better... (Can I just tell you that planking it my new favorite thing?(see below))

June, thus far has been amazing! And it's only half way over!! Skydiving was an absolute ball. I will do it all the time..(Well, whenever I have 180$ lying around.) It was literally worth every penny! I'm so happy I got a puppy! I've pretty much sold myself on naming her Blair. (She's a Shitzu.) I was going to name my first child that, but since I already named my bunny that, I feel like Blair is more like a pet name than a human name. Ha.

There have been so many good things happening this month. And I am so ridiculously ungrateful for all of them. I am such a brat sometimes and I'm crazy. I know. But I try my best. I go through phases where I literally HATE everyone and everything. I am in that now. Last night (my surprise party) helped push me out of it, but I'm still in it a bit. I don't like myself when I'm like this. I like to be happy and fun. Not full of angst and bitterness. I can only bring myself out of it, but I do this ALL.THE.TIME. I don't understand it, and I wish I did. But anyways, moving on..
I had a great birthday! (In case you were wondering.. I know you were.) And my mom's event was fabulous! I will post pictures from it as soon as I get some. 
and look what else I got for my birthday....
All I can say is I am one lucky and happy girl:)

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