numero quatro!

Day 4. Top Ten Pet Peeves. 
  1. When people don't know the difference between "you're and your," "their, there, and they're," "to and too," and all those other words that are the same with different meanings.
  2. People who post lyrics to church hymns on facebook. Lyrics are sometimes ok. Church hymn lyrics are never ok.
  3. The Twilight craze/obsession. Alright, it was a great book....but really people? Live in the NOW. haha.
  4. When people copy me...I try my hardest to be unique and when everyone just takes what you do and makes it their own.. nothing makes me more mad!
  5. When people quote themselves. I'm sorry but to make something meaningful, someone else has to quote you. You're not that awesome.
  6. Games. While it is true that we all play them and it's kind of a necessity, I HATE THEM. SO. FREAKING. MUCH. It's so annoying. Just say how you feel, and mean it! Don't tip toe around my feelings, or anyone else's for that matter. Just say how you feel.
  7. Text lingo. ie: LOL! LMAO!! u r soo cute c u l8r!!
  8. When people wear black with brown! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Black and brown do not do not do NOT go together!!!
  9. When people sing songs but they do not know the words to the songs.
  10. Last but DEFINITELY not least.. that damn commercial about old used gold. Kill. Me. Now.

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