eleven.. yes that's two days in one!

Day 11. 
Nicknames and why I have them.
Blair/B: My roommate, Mars started calling me Blair because she says I remind her of Blair from Gossip Girl... and hey, I'm not complaining! She says I dress like her and act like her.. which is basically saying I'm a bitch. Whatever, I can digg it.
Mrs. Bass: My roommate, Katie gave me this one. Just because I want to marry Chuck Bass so badly that she made my dreams come true.
Ame: I'm not sure who gave me this one... probably Tori. But everyone has called me it. It's just easier than Amy I guess?
Mamers/Amers: It started out as Mamers... and it turned into Amers because I guess that is easier. I don't really like Amers though.
MayMay: Jaxon, when he was first learning to talk, couldn't say my name so he called me MayMay. I loved it. I still do!
Famous Amos/Amos: Steve started calling me this because there were some cookies he saw named "Famous Amos" and for some reason he just started calling me that. Sarah Tidwell always called me Amos only she spelled it Amis.
Juno: Steve also gave me this one. He thinks I act/dress like Juno... which is weird.. because her and Blair dress totally opposite. But I guess there was a time where I dressed like I was homeless. Haha.But I do have the same sense of humor as Juno.
AMES!: Jordan Garner gave me this one.. we'd always walk around yelling "JORD!" and "AMES!" Now Carissa and a lot of people from my work call me Ames.
Goo/Goo Goo/ MeMe Goo Goo: yes, my dad still calls me every one of those names. I don't know where they came from. They are so weird... but have you met my dad? I think he gave them to me.
MeMe: This is what BoBo currently calls me. I like it. It's cute.
Amellia: Anna Nielson called me this back in the day and I called her Annica
Jan: I don't know why, but Anna also gave me this nickname. Weird. I called her Buck, she called me Jan. It had something to do with Kill Bill?
Lil' Amy: My family all pretty much calls me this because I was named after my Aunt Amy. So of course, we had to distinguish between the two Amy's: Big Amy, and Lil' Amy.
BANGA: Bri Stewart gave me this one. We were at a Raptor's game and she just randomly started calling me BANGA. It was weird... But it was cool.
Emo/Emosis/Emee/Emover: Dillon Montgomery gave me all of these at work. They stuck. I'm pretty sure Lauren Denny still calles me Emee.
Clown: Tyrell Farnes gave me this one. I was pissed. I hate clowns.
Aline: Some people used to call me by my middle name. It's cool. Whatever.
Little Evans: Scott Kimball gave me this one. It was because I'm Mitch's little sister and I guess that's weird? Haha I don't really know... 
American Eagle: Lauren Scott gave me this because she thought it was sooo awesome that my intials were that of American Eagle's.. (AE) haha.
Snoopy: My roommate, Mars also gave me this one. She says I look like Snoopy. I don't think so. I think that's kind of mean!

Okay, that was a lot. I'm done. 

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