ate.... eight?

Day 8. 
If you could have any pet, regardless of what it is, what would it be?

I'm gonna go with: 

I know, I know it's just a dog, but they are the cutest damn dogs ever. I don't know why I'd want any other pet than a dog. 
I hate cats so much! You have no idea.
Birds are annoying. 
Fish are lame
Goats are... well... they pee a lot
I'd maybe have a horse, but that means I'd have to have a farm.... and I don't want that.
Actually, I wouldn't mind a farm, it's the work that comes along with it that I would mind.
Hmmm... I guess I could get another bunny... but they have no personality. 
I'm gonna go with a dog.
so unique!

And I'll just tell you all... I found out some info about homeboy and uhh..

I definitely dodged a bullet! So lucky that he ended things... 
Things could have gone badly for me and I'm way lucky that I got out when I did!

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Carissa Lynn said...

But working on a farm totally suits you! Joe Meibos can teach you! :)