I love it. I love the irony of life. It's so great.
I saw Easy A last night. I highly recommend it. It's a very unique, hilarious movie.

This week holds a lot of great things. I miss Roadhouse, ha, I feel like I never work there anymore.
This Saturday is Jarrod Gorbel. LOVE! I am going by myself if Mitch doesn't go with me. Yes, that's how ridiculous I am!

Speaking of music.. The Avett Brothers. You heard of them? If not, listen. Please do. They are great. My dad actually introduced me to them. My dad is the biggest baller I know.

My family and I have good talks. I went to Idaho for my cousin, Shelby's wedding. It was SO much fun. Yeah, right? I had fun in Idaho? Not just Idaho, but Blackfoot Idaho! What the freaking crap? My cousins are so great. Shelby looked beautiful at the wedding. I am realizing how important it is to stay in touch with family. The (Mike) Evans boys couldn't have picked better wives. Those girls are so awesome. Katherine, Angie, Mitch, my dad, and I went to a Chinese place and it was AMAZING! Haha, and I don't really like Chinese! I love my family. Even if we are dysfunctional. All of us. And really weird.

Carissa, Noelle, Sarah, and I went to the BYU vs Weber soccer game in Provo on Friday
PS don't ever play laser tag with Carissa on your team; you'll lose because of her scream.
She ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off screaming.
If that is possible.



Miss Kami said...

Oh how I love you! :) Your blog is great! Thanks for bearing your testimony! I truly enjoyed it. You are not secure?!? What the?!? You are adorable, smart, very stylish, and so gosh darn gorgeous!

P.S. I love. love. love. your play list! I promise I am not a blog stalker, I just enjoy listening to your play list.. daily.

Whittney and Ryan said...

LOVED easy a! It was so fun seeing all of you guys at Shelby's wedding you are too sweet, wish we didn't live in freaking Texas so we could see ya'll more!

Katie Price said...

you're an easy a. get it. your name starts with a and...never mind.

dig you. you're hot. and you know it, dammit.