It's been awhile.

I don't know, or care who reads this, but I guess it can sort of be a journal... an edited journal, of course. So it has been over a year since my last post. I must say, I have grown up after reading prior posts. Here's the basic facts of what I've been doing:

I moved on from some things in my life that needed to be moved on from:)
I moved to Ephraim and am attending my second semester at Snow College.
I have found a new respect for my sisters, and my mom.
My brother returned from his mission.
I have made some wonderful friends, and lost some on the way.
Katie Peterson, Mariela Castro, Anna Schwerdt, and Cade Cowdin have helped me more than they know.
I've realized how truly crazy I am.
I have tried to become a better person-a kinder one- not working out so well.
I have a newfound stress for money.
I love my family more and more everyday.
I ran a 10k with my dad, Angie, and Katie.
I've been enjoying being young and being in college.
I've become much more positive on the way I view life.
I have been blessed with eight nieces and nephews.

All in all I am very happy. I am still trying to figure out who I am but I am getting there and that is all that matters.

I will try to stay updated-for my sake:)

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