new 2012

so... i hate that i just made a blog for nate and me... ha. never thought the day would come. i know you all don't care what married and boring people do... so this will pretty much just still be my blog, only nate's name will be dropped here and there. you're more likely to read about chuck bass in this blog, though. it's not to brag to everyone about the cool (or uncool) things we do. it's just to kind of keep track of ourselves. and for me to keep track of my thoughts. and i didn't create a new blog because i'm too lazy to tell everyone i did. ha.
so anyways.
here's the highlights of 2011.
went on my first date with nate...and fell in love... and married him (12.30.2011) (ps i will post pics of the wedding... once i get them.)
had a crazy awesome charity event to raise money for my mom's cancer recovery.
went to find my heart in nyc (and i found it... and left it there.)
went to st george/vegas with nate
went fishing for the first time (dillon, montana)
got a new nephew: gibson
celebrated the new year eating hot pockets and mini pizzas at the raddison in orlando florida... something weird happens to you when you get married. things like ^ that sound fun.
went skydiving
and some really other great things that i've most likely posted about!
love you 2011.

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