30 Day Challenge

okay, okay. I love stuff like this. and my friend, Jenna, had this on her blog.. so i copied it:)

30 Day Challenge- Day 1.
Your name and 5 things about you that no one really knows.

Name: Amy Aline Evans

1. I freaking HATE
the sound of paper being rubbed together... ie turning pages in books.
2. I could look up lyrics to songs all day. I like music that has meaning.
3. I will admit, I like dance parties. Not so much Studio 600 or things like that; but throw a good dance party, and I'm there.
4. My birthday is my favorite holiday:) actually, anyone's birthday:) I love birthdays!
5. I'm a sucker for a good hug. Give me a good hug and I'm your's.

Thanks to Carissa for taking this picture of me.

1 comment:

Carissa Lynn said...

Amy I love you with all of my heart. I'll always be here for you. Never forget that. I'm going to do this same challenge :)